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3 methods to increase the emotional intelligence of credit union staff members

One of the main aims of credit union supervisors is to be sure their staff members offer a terrific experience to each member who walks through the door or who places a call to the branch. While members have traditionally based choices on cost-effective aspects, such as interest rates, they are now responding with more feeling and feeling than ever before when making buying decisions. And because feelings are infectious, the method staff members communicate with members influences how members perceive the quality of service they receive at their cooperative credit union.This is where the psychological intelligence of credit union staff members enters into play.


While it is important for staff members to have the book smarts to know policies, procedures, and sales techniques, having psychological intelligence, or psychological smarts, is ending up being increasingly essential for them. And why should credit unions care about the emotional intelligence of their staff members?

So how can credit union workers, from frontline tellers to executives, strengthen their psychological intelligence? Below are 3 practical ways in which emotional intelligence can be increased right away.

Develop Empathy

Being empathetic means we recognize and comprehend how others feel. Showing empathy is necessary because when others view that we are empathetic, they in turn think we are alleviating them with fairness and respect. When it comes to interactions with members and colleagues alike, credit union staff members can establish compassion by:

Hearing others (and withstanding the desire to disrupt).

Being slow to provide guidance (sometimes listening, from the point above, suffices).

Taking others points-of-view into account (the old put yourself in their shoes saying).

Practice Emotional Literacy.

Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

If a member is taking too long during a transaction, then you may be lured to believe to yourself (or potentially state aloud) You are ridiculous! On the other hand, if you redirect this thought by saying to yourself I feel impatient, then you are more accurately getting to the root of the emotion and are much better able to regulate that emotion. Attempt these ideas to increase your psychological literacy:Express your sensation with a three-word sentence.

Use I rather of You (this enables you to own the feeling instead of placing it on another individual).

Use feeling words in your three-word sentence (for example, I feel worn out, tired, frustrated, etc.).

Bear in mind that ideas figure out emotion.

Establish Emotional Control.

Whereas empathy and psychological literacy are fairly specific, developing psychological control is a little broader. In general, emotional control suggests taking action on those situations in which we have control. In order to develop more emotional control, attempt these tips:

Breathe deeply for a couple of seconds (perhaps discover a reason to step away briefly so that you can do this).

Take a break (walk around the outside of the branch if time and weather authorizations).

Attempt forward thinking (How essential will ___ be tomorrow?).

Establishing emotional intelligence takes some time and practice. And just practicing the preceding three pointers will not make you psychological intelligence professionals after one day. However, try these ideas and see if they can assist positively affect your interactions with members and coworkers today.


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